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Successful weight loss for women is all about the inside: limiting beliefs, self-esteem (or lack thereof) and guilt. Nothing you do on the outside will have a lasting benefit if you don’t make shifts on the inside.

Our work together will mainly focus on the inner issues. What I have found is that when there are shifts in the areas of limiting beliefs, self-esteem and guilt the weight issue starts to take care of itself. The reason being that these issues create voids inside of us, voids we try to fill with food. Fill the void from the inside and your relationship with food changes.

Beliefs: In many of the weight loss programs and diets in the market today there is a missing component and that component is beliefs.  Beliefs are very powerful.  Beliefs dictate everything we have in our life, from how much money we make, to the kind of person that we marry and, yes, even how much we weigh.  If you have been trying over and over again to successfully lose weight or you lose some only to gain it all back, the missing element for you is probably your beliefs.  If deep down inside, you do not feel it is possible for you to lose weight, you could live on water and celery, and you still would not be able to shed the weight.  It is very important to look internally if you want to be successful at weight loss because beliefs and weight are so closely tied.  Our self-esteem is tied into our beliefs and our self-esteem is also tied into our weight, how we project ourselves.  Everything comes back to what we believe about ourselves because the weight is merely a symptom of what is going on for you internally.  If you do not address what is going on inside, you are never going to be successful at losing the weight. 

Now the fun thing about working with beliefs is that all it takes is one shift of one belief to create a paradigm shift in your entire life. One shift about your ability to lose weight can affect your confidence, your self-esteem, the way you present yourself to the world. And the great thing is, when you change the energy you are projecting, the world responds! People will treat you differently. It’s amazing! And it’s all there for you by just shifting those beliefs.

We’ll identify specific beliefs that are standing in your way and I’ll introduce you to various tools to help you disempower non-supportive beliefs and strengthen the ones that support you.

Simple Steps: This component is about setting goals. For most people this is not their first attempt at weight loss so when it comes to goal setting it is vital to start with simple, doable goals - things that you can feel positive about, things that boost your confidence, and now, because your confidence is boosted, you are feeling better about yourself, you are building that momentum, and it is easier to bring other changes into your life.  Simple steps become that bridge between your current lifestyle and the healthier lifestyle that you want to create for yourself. The way to do this is to work on one small aspect at a time. With failures in the past it can be easy to fall into the energy of failure. By accomplishing small, simple steps you start to rack up some wins. It causes a shift in the mindset, creating a more positive outlook.

Immediate Shifts: There are small changes you can begin to make immediately in your lifestyle that can result in losing ten pounds over the course of a year with barely noticing a change. We all have habits and routines that don’t serve us. We’ll examine your daily habits, identify some areas that aren’t serving you and create shifts that move you toward your goal.


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